We have the special kit for your boat repair

With this set you are able to do any repairs on your boat by your own.

Even repairs on the boat trunk directly in salty water are possible.

This rep set will help you in any emergency to do quick and relyable repairs. It is an absolutely MUST to have on your boat. Every item in the set can be re-ordered separately.

With Eurobond Epoxy it is possible to bond even under the water line. Even  leaking gas tanks can be sealed from the outside even with gas still in. Dinghies and inflatables are most successfully repaired with Eurobond CA glue. Please clean surfaces first well and roughen with sandpaper.
No problem to bond plastics or wooden parts in the cockpit.

Chiped away materials can be replaced using Eurobond Filler.

This difficult to bond plastic frame of the GPS must first get a pre-treatment with Eurobond Prime. After having primed both surfaces the parts can be bonded like usual using our CA glue.
Fenders or gasoline hoses are repaired with eurobond CA glue. Please clean surfaces well before bonding using our Eurobond Cleaner. Even teak wood can be repaired but it is most important to clean A?away its oily surface using our special Cleaner. Holes and cracks are best repaired with Eurobond Filler together with the glue.
Lose edges of tables and furniture are first cleaned with our Cleaner then put Eurobond Accelerator on one surface and the Eurobond CA glue on the other one. Press items together quickly and hold for a few seconds. Lose dowels and srews are fixed back professionally using our Filler in combination with the glue.
Even leaking watertanks or toilet tanks can be fixed by using either our Epoxy or the CA glue. Most important is the pre-treatment with Primer as watertanks are made out of polyethylene - a kind of plastic you cannot bond regular way. Such wind wheels must also be primed first and bonded with our eurobond CA glue. As a reinforcemant of this tiny bonding surface it is reccomended to use the Filler as well.

This set is available for € 74,50 only
The use of very item  in the set is explained in the attached brochure
Eurobond offers many years of shelf life guaranty on their products!

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